I’m interested, what’s the next step?

ISS offers a one on one consultation with an experienced investigator at no cost to you.
You have the options of:

  • Meeting us at your location of choosing
  • Telephone consultation

The investigator will discuss your options and answer your questions. We will ask relevant questions, and explain in detail the proper steps and fees needed to retain us for your investigative needs.

Why should I use your agency to conduct my case?

ISS has been conducting professional Investigations and surveillance for over 24 years. We offer service 24 hours a day. We utilizes experienced investigators with diverse backgrounds including law enforcement. We use state of the art techniques and equipment. Non-confidential references can be furnished upon request.

Why should I hire your agency to conduct my matrimonial/domestic case?

ISS is a full service agency however and one of our specialties is matrimonial and domestic cases such as infidelity, cheating wife or cheating husband cases. Our experience in these cases is unsurpassed and second to none. Non-confidential references can be furnished upon request.

How much will the investigation cost?

Every case is different. There are many variables involved in each case. Determining the fee for a particular investigation is estimated after a free consultation. After we understand your particular situation, ask you some relevant questions, and understand your goals, we will be able to give you a quote. We aim to accommodate all of our clients and their budgets. There are many affordable options.

When will my Investigation begin?

Once you have decided to retain ISS your case will start immediately.

Who will be working on my case?

Our staff is comprised of experienced investigators with different specialties and backgrounds, including federal law enforcement, local law enforcement, and investigators with in-depth knowledge of investigative procedure and skill. It is a collaborative effort and we will utilize as many investigators and techniques that are needed to solve your case and produce the desired results.

Do I get updates or reports so I know what is going on with my case?

We maintain close contact with our clients at their discretion and provide frequent status reports .
After your case is completed you will be provided with a final report of investigation, which is a detailed report that contains all the pertinent evidence and information that has been uncovered for your case. We prepare the reports in an evidentiary manner for use in court if needed. You will also receive all materials, video, and pictures that have been obtained.

Will I get pictures or video?

Pictures and video are considered physical evidence. ISS will attempt to provide you with as much physical evidence combined with eyewitness testimonies. While most clients desire photos, pictures or videos, any of the three will offer the necessary evidence you need to prove your case. ISS will make every effort possible to obtain video. We shoot evidentiary video but we never compromise the integrity of the case, which is paramount.

Can you guarantee the results?

Unfortunately there is no agency that can guarantee results and it is illegal for us to do so as per our licensing laws. It is impossible to predict what any investigation will uncover prior to immersing ourselves into the case. Any agency making claims of guaranteeing results is not being straightforward with you. We make every effort and utilize all of our experience and resources to solve your case. Based on our statistics we have a 92% solve ratio due to our backgrounds and experience conducting thousands of cases over the years.

I tried to do the investigation myself. Can you help me now?

Unfortunately some people try to do their own investigations. Some people may not understand that it takes many years of experience and practical application to become a proficient investigator. It is also legal for a licensed agency to conduct investigations but a regular person may be breaking the law if they try to be their own investigator and any information they obtain might not only be useless but can result in it being used against them. Certain states have stalking laws that can results in criminal charges if you perform your own case. If you try be your own investigator you may compromise your investigation making it more difficult and more expensive once you decide to opt for a professional agency to take it on.

It is better to invest the money with a reputable Investigator that specializes in matrimonial/domestic cases and have it done right the first time. In most cases judges will dismiss any evidence that is provided by you, a friend or someone directly related to you. The judge will hold a lot more weight to evidence that is gathered by a non-biased, experienced, licensed private investigator.

My attorney says I don’t need an investigator. Can he handle everything?

There are times when you don’t need the services of a private investigator. However if you suspect your partner is cheating you need evidence to prove it. Attorneys are not investigators and do not gather evidence. They simply present the evidence that you collect in court. When one party of a civil domestic suit has evidence collected by a unbiased licensed private investigator it removes the “he said” “she said” out of the court room. This generally will make an out of court settlement more likely and save you a considerable amount of time and money. We would never conduct an investigation that we know would not be beneficial to your case. If you need help in determining if our services will benefit you a consultation is the best way to find out.

Can I tape conversations? Can you tap my phone?

It is legal to tape conversations in some states as long as one party to the conversation has knowledge. For Example: In Missouri you can tape your conversation with another person without their knowledge. In all states it is illegal to tap a phone or intercept a conversation between two other people when you are not a party to that conversation.

What if my spouse/partner leaves the state or country?

Most states have reciprocal agreements allowing private investigators to follow individuals in another state as long as the case originated in the investigator’s home state. When your spouse/partner leaves the state we have the ability to handle your no matter no matter where your partner travels to throughout the world.

What if you lose the person you are following while on surveillance?

Being proficient in surveillance takes years of practical application and extensive training. Conducting a moving surveillance on any subject (person) can be difficult. With the many thousands of hours of surveillance that we perform each year every single surveillance differs. Even the most experienced surveillance agent can get into a situation where contact with the subject may be broken due to circumstances beyond our control. What separates us is our ability to adjust and adapt to the given situation combined with our training and experience.

There may also be occasions where the surveillance agent will discontinue surveillance on the subject if the agent feels the subject is “hot” or “looking over their shoulder” to see if they are being followed. Our experienced surveillance agents will never try to compromise the integrity of your case. We can always resume at another time.

Can one of my family members or friends do the surveillance?

Family members and/or friends can’t conduct surveillance or investigations in most states. It is illegal for anyone to conduct surveillance or investigations in most states without a private investigations license. There is also a chance that they could be arrested for stalking in some states as well. Most courts frown upon family members and friends conducting surveillance or investigations.

Do I already have enough to prove that my spouse/partner is cheating?

Many times clients believe that they already have enough to prove that their partner is cheating. Unfortunately most of the time you may have enough to prove in your mind that they are cheating, but not enough to prove it in court. If you’re not sure if you have enough evidence to prove your spouse is committing adultery, please contact us for a consultation.

I previously confronted my partner and accused them, or told them I believe they may be cheating. Can you still handle the investigation & surveillance?

We never advise a client to confront their partner with any ideas, intuition, or evidence until the proper evidence has been gathered to prove the case. However we are human and sometimes our emotions get the best of us. This situation exists and you are not the only person to have confronted their partner before they should have. There are methods that can be used and the case can still be conducted by a professional agency. We will discuss your options during our free consultation.
My spouse/partner can be violent; do you offer any type of protection?

ISS offers experienced armed and unarmed bodyguards to protect you and your loved ones. We can guide you to obtain legal protection through the court system as well.

What types of equipment do you use during your investigations?

ISS invests thousands of dollars each year to maintain an up to date level for all of our training, equipment, resources, and databases to provide you with the best service possible. Since all cases are different, ISS is fully prepared for any situation with state of the art equipment needed for your case.

How will the evidence help me with my divorce or child custody case?

By hiring ISS, we are able to help assist you in finding more information for your child custody case.
ISS has earned our respect, success and accomplishments by providing clients with confidential and professional services in the areas of: Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody and Support, Alimony Reduction, Internet Dating and Background Searches.