child-custody-visitation-supportChild Custody, Child support & Parent Visitation

The facts provided in this investigation can assist attorneys and clients in their recommendation of executing Child Custody Investigation, Child Visitation Investigation, Child Support Issues, proving Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations, to obtain sole child custody or supervised visitation.

Often, in a contentious divorce situation where children are involved, one of the parties is concerned that the other is not paying their fair share or is endangering the child in some way. An experienced private investigator can assist in such cases through video surveillance, database/social media research, asset searches, Place of Employment (POE) locates, etc.
ISS provides documented facts of persons unwarranted behaviors of whom are directly involved with the child. Extensive surveillance is required to reveal unwarranted daily behaviors.

ISS can also help to uncover criminal records, proof or drinking and drugs, DUI charges and other background searches, all in an effort to prevent possible or further child abuse, endangerment and neglect.

ISS has earned their respect, success and accomplishments, by providing clients with confidential and professional services. We have the capability to handle any case quickly and efficiently.

ISS has earned our respect, success and accomplishments by providing clients with confidential and professional services in the areas of: Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody and Support, Alimony Reduction, Internet Dating and Background Searches.