criminal-defense-investigationsCriminal Defense Investigations

ISS provides a lead Investigator with over seventeen years of local law enforcement experience as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Undercover Detective and Detective Sergeant. The Investigator has testified and provided expert testimony in hundreds of State and Federal criminal investigations and prosecutions.

An investigator working with your attorney may make the difference between going to prison or not. The lead Investigator at ISS has worked on both sides of the fence, and knows police investigative deficiencies when he sees them, and there are usually many if you know what to look for. Most of the areas of expertise are in criminal investigation.

ISS provides a unique perspective from law enforcement side of the justice system. Our Investigators have a unique understanding of the application of criminal laws and can anticipate how prosecutors will act when trying a case. Because of this experience, ISS can plan ahead and anticipate prosecutor’s actions with a firm and solid defense. Attorney’s clients have benefited greatly from our experience, and we stand ready to assist you as well.

ISS can provide insight to the processes, procedures and regulations of law enforcement agencies along with the unknown rules and norms. ISS can assist you with “reading between the lines” in police reports and help you vet the facts of the report.

ISS Investigators are accustomed to being out in the neighborhoods, canvassing for unknown witnesses, re-interviewing witnesses and locating any possible inconsistency or piece of evidence.

Criminal defense investigations undertake the difficult process of finding the necessary evidence to defend someone who has been charged with a crime. When someone is wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit, it is imperative that a criminal defense investigation is started as soon as possible.

Once you have been targeted in a criminal investigation, the government and law enforcement officials will use every resource available to get a conviction, ruthlessly searching out every detail related to the crime. Innocent people often get caught in the cross fire, being charged with a crime simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are being charged with a crime, you need a private investigator to research your case with the same vigor as the prosecutor.

During your criminal defense investigation, ISS will go through the police investigation against you to ensure that their investigation was legal, accurate, thorough, and fair. This task alone can be difficult and requires a licensed, experienced investigator for the best results. During this process, a private investigator from ISS will likely re-interview witnesses in the case, determine inconsistencies in stories, and chase down new leads, along with leads that may have been ignored by local police.

A large part of a criminal defense investigation is finding new witnesses that were never questioned in the original investigation. Having a wide variety of witnesses increases the likelihood that the truth will come out. Private investigators at ISS have training and experience in interviewing witnesses, vetting their credibility, and conducting official, legal, and unbiased interviews. All interviews must be properly conducted, recorded, and unbiased in order to be allowed in court, which is why it is so important to hire a licensed professional to handle your case.

If you are in need of a criminal defense investigation, please call ISS today. All private investigators with ISS are licensed and experienced, and will conduct your criminal defense investigation with the utmost respect, accountability, and discretion. Do not wait until it is too late; the sooner you begin your investigation, the better.