Infidelity Investigators: Let us do the work for you

infidelity-investigationsIf you are concerned about your relationship and are suspicious of your partner, you have taken the first step by researching infidelity investigations. ISS understands how this can be one of the most difficult times in your life. We are experts at conducting infidelity investigations and know the exact steps to take in order to uncover the truth while obtaining concrete evidence – whether it’s for your own peace of mind or for court. In addition to being compassionate listeners, we are ultimately here to find you the evidence you need – and deserve – to know. You will no longer feel that there is no one to talk to about this challenging time in your life – as we are here to listen and assist while finding the truth. There is no cookie cutter solution, as everyone’s personal problem is unique to his or her personals situation.

Our investigations allow you to:

  • Discuss your circumstances and situations with an expert infidelity investigator.
  • Obtain primary and secondary objectives to solve your investigation.
  • Create a tailored case that suits your individual needs, adjusting and adapting to any and all circumstances.
  • Eliminate all your suspicions and find the truth once and for all.
  • Receive official documents and evidence suitable for court.

Do I Need an Infidelity Investigation?

Matrimonial/Infidelity Investigations are performed in order to determine if a person’s spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful or committing adultery.
If you are unsure your spouse is cheating, we recommend reviewing signs of a cheating spouse prior to calling an investigator. There are numerous methods to establish, verify, and prove infidelity in a relationship.
The methods used for each particular case are individual in nature as are the specifics of each case. Our agency will aim to provide the necessary evidence to prove your case with irrefutable, undeniable proof.
Identifying any suspects in these cases is vital; we provide accurate details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, and a full background check on the individual.

The reasons why clients hire an investigator vary; however, ISS is typically retained for:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Child Custody
  • Asset Protection
  • City lifestyle
  • Litigation Investigations
  • Undercover Operations

If you are ready to begin the process, call us for a free and confidential consultation. We understand that confidentiality is of paramount importance. Prior to hiring us, we will speak to you about what we can do to help assist your individual needs. We work with an array of clients and understand that each individual needs differ. We are here to both listen to you compassionately during this difficult time while creating a case intake for your specific situation.


If you are experiencing 4 or more of these signs by your spouse contact us immediately it could mean that yours is too.

1. Working a lot of overtime
Your partner claims they need stay late for a meeting when they are really meeting with the lover.

2. Excessive use of the Internet
The Internet has become a dating tool for both men and women to meet others. It has become a way for people to explore their sexuality in private.

3. Unaccountable Hours
Your partner is not able to explain the reason why they have not been where they say they have been. This is the time frame to schedule surveillance.

4. Hiding the phone bill
This is #1 way to find who the lover is. If you partner is hiding the bill and won’t let you see it, then obviously there is something on there that they don’t want you to see.

5. Saying “It’s your imagination”
Your partner might fight back with you and say “It’s your imagination” when actually it’s an indication that you are getting too close to finding out the TRUTH.

6. Getting hang-up phone calls
The lover wants to speak with your spouse…maybe they had a spat. Calling you is a way to make you aware that there is an affair going on.

7. No longer interested in sex
As years go by, many partners experience changes in their sexual activity. However, if your spouse completely eliminates sex from your relationship then you should consider that there is a possible affair going on.

8. Not wearing a wedding ring
If your spouse no longer wears their wedding ring that is an indication that they want everyone to know that they are single.

9. New sexual techniques
Over the years you and your partner always had sex a particular way and now your partner comes home with new sexual moves that they learned from being with someone else.

10. Saying “I need my space”
Perhaps your marriage is on the rocks and your partner tells you that he needs his space. This could be a way for him to move to the next stage; separation.

ISS has earned our respect, success and accomplishments by providing clients with confidential and professional services in the areas of: Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody and Support, Alimony Reduction, Internet Dating and Background Searches.